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Should I Allow My Dog To Have Puppies?

You love your dog so much. And everyone loves puppies. What better way to spread the love is by letting your dog have puppies, right? It can be easy to fantasize about little versions of your dog romping around bringing … Read the rest


3 Great Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Cat

Out of the 7.6 million homeless animals in the nation, 3.4 million of those are cats. Every year tons of cats are left in shelters and on the streets needing a good home. There are so many great cats to … Read the rest


What Does It Mean When My Cat Pee’s Outside The Litter Box?

Cats are supposed to naturally use their litter box, right? But what happens when they don’t or if they used to and all of a sudden they stop using their litter box? It can be extremely frustrating, but it could … Read the rest