3 Great Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Cat

Out of the 7.6 million homeless animals in the nation, 3.4 million of those are cats. Every year tons of cats are left in shelters and on the streets needing a good home. There are so many great cats to choose from too. If you want a kitten, shelters are usually overflowing with them, especially during spring kitten season. If you’re interested in an adolescent feline or even a more mature companion, shelters have those too. If you’re looking for a cat to accompany an older adult or someone who’s not as mobile, a mellow older cat might be a great fit. In fact, the only problem with visiting a shelter to find a cat to adopt is wanting to take ALL of them home.

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Should Adopt a Shelter Cat

  1. You are saving more than just one life

Because shelters are often packed to capacity, you are truly saving lives. You are not only saving the life that you’re adopting either. You are freeing up space for another animal that can needs help being saved. Unfortunately too many cats end up in feral colonies which can often end up being poisoned by people (who crazily) hate cats. They can also easily end up in kill shelters or even sadly being hit by a car.

  1. They are often already had exams and vaccinations

Pets in shelters will often already have had a check-up and their first few rounds of vaccinations. Some may even have already been spayed or neutered too. Contrary to popular belief, shelter animals are often in better health than animals at pet stores. And they are definitely in better health than if they were produced by over breeding animal-mills.  Plus, most shelters are a really good resource. They will help you find a good vet and give you advice on how to help them blend seamlessly into your household.

You will end up receiving love

We all want to be loved, and pets are no different. Some of the animals in these pet shelters have been abused; have endured hunger and loneliness; and are anxiously waiting to love and be loved in return. Cats are extremely smart and they know that they have been rescued. So once they are comfortable and realize that your home is now their new home, full of love, be ready for lots of head boops and purring because you’re going to have one happy cat in your lap.

By opening your heart and your home to a shelter cat, you are saving lives and gaining love. Plus, you’re setting a great example for your family and friends who may be inspired to help out the homeless pet community and adopt a pet too.

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