Best Costumes to Dress Up WITH Your Dog

With Halloween coming up soon, you’ll need to start planning your costumes. And if you want to include your dog in this experience, there are a few ideas which you can take into consideration. Here are the best costumes to dress up with your dog for Halloween.

  1. Scooby-Doo and Shaggy

The highly popular mystery-solving, fun and scared duo, Scooby-Doo and Shaggy is, of course, our first choice. Easy to create, this costume works great for owners of large dogs, but Scrappy Doo is also an option (Scooby’s smaller nephew for smaller dogs). Shaggy will only need to wear a green t-shirt and a pair of brown pants, while Scooby will need to have his trademark blue collar and huge dark spots.


  1. Fred Flintstone and Dino

Again a classic dog-owner duo, Fred Flintstone and Dino are among the most popular paired up Halloween costumes for dogs and their owners. Fred’s costume is amazingly easy to create or find at most stores, and Dino only involves turning your dog into an overgrown purple dinosaur, usually by just sticking a tail to your dog and making sure its ears are sticking to its head. A muzzle looking like Dino’s mouth can also be used to enhance the costume. All in all, a cool, original and fun costume pair.


  1. Dorothy and Toto

For the ladies, we have Dorothy and Toto as a costume idea – especially great if you own a small breed of dog. Dorothy can get dressed in something similar to Judy Garland’s outfit, while Toto won’t need anything, but to be presented as Toto when people ask who you’re supposed to be. Don’t let that awful woman take your dog away, Dorothy!


  1. Batman and Robin

Superheroes are great costume ideas for larger breeds of dogs, and there’s nothing much you need aside from a cape and maybe a mask to get the message across. However, Batman and Robin paired up, with the dog being Batman and the owner being Robin, or the other way around, can be really fun and interesting. Popular costumes, you won’t have trouble finding them or improvising something with online guidance.


  1. Hot Dogs

Smaller dogs, especially a breed called Teckel, look great as hot dogs. And the owner can dress up as a hot dog too. Walking around the street dressed as hot dogs will surely attract the eyes of the people around you, and will almost certainly crack a few smiles from passersby. It’s a great, simple, and original idea for your next Halloween with your dog.


It should be obvious that Halloween dog costumes should not impede your dog’s ability to walk or do anything that comes natural to them. Always keep an eye on them and never leave them alone with their costumes on, and never insist on a costume your dog doesn’t want to wear.


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