If my dog can hold it, why do I need more than 2 visits?

dog peeOften times people ask why they should schedule more than 2 pet sit visits a day if their pets are able to hold it for 12 hours at a time.  While the occasional instance may occur where a dog isn’t able to be let out for 12 hours and the dog is able to hold it, it doesn’t mean it is healthy to continuously have a dog go 12 hours between being let out, day after day while using a pet sitter.  Just like with people, “holding it” for hours without being able to relieve oneself when needing to, can lead to bladder issues such as stones, urinary tract infections and incontinence.   While I was a teacher, and unable to relieve myself when needed and while I wouldn’t have “accidents” myself, I did end up with kidney stones that required procedures every year to break them up.  Now that I am not teaching and I am able to go when needed, I have not had anymore kidney stones.

iCare4Pets highly recommends 3 visits a day unless the dog has access to a secure back yard through a doggie door, or is a dog that is accustomed to using pee pads.  The 3 visits are spread out with a morning visit, an afternoon visit that tends to be within 2 hours of the mid way between the AM and the night time visit.  We typically feed the dog(s) in the AM and then again in the afternoon so that they are able to relieve themselves before at the night time visit.

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