Naya the Wekiva Aussiedoodle Adventure to Graffiti Junktion

We had wonderful weather while visiting this next location- Graffiti Junktion (145 Wekiva Springs Rd. Longwood, FL 32779)

Human Thoughts:

While I hadn’t been here before, I was in the mood for a burger!  I was impressed to see not only vegetarian options but also gluten free options.  They have a veggie burger and a gluten free bun as well as a veggie wrap (though you need to ask for no bacon).  There was a bit of noise as this is a bar.  I wouldn’t recommend families after about 6ish, especially in the outside area as they do have smokers.  Naya had quite a few visitors.  As soon as we arrived, before I even placed my drink order, I was asked if I wanted a bowl for the dog.  I’ll let her give her opinion!

Naya’s Thoughts:

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