Naya the Wekiva Aussiedoodles Adventure to Tijuana Flats

tj-naya While everyone knows about Tijuana Flats (Corner of Hunt Club and 436), I wanted to visit while having Naya with me.  The sauce bar is always a great option!  We typically either take our food home or eat outside.  There are 2 outdoor seating options outside.  One right next to the building or the fenced in area close to the building.  Just like with all other restaurants, dogs must be well behaved, leashed and any messes cleaned up.  Tijuana Flats is a “order at the counter” service and because of this, if you bring a dog, it is best to also have someone else that can stay outside with the dog.

There were only 2 or 3 families in line so I figured I would be quick with ordering.  For whatever reason this was not the case.  I waited very anxiously in line for about 10-12 minutes.  Naya was in the fenced area, and was not able to get loose.  I know she behaves very well while waiting, and I could see the entrance to the gated area from the line, but I was still very anxious to get back out there.  If you happen to go alone with your dog I would recommend calling in the order as you sit outside.  This way you can either go in quickly to pay or even request someone comes out to collect the payment.  Not an ideal dinner arrangement.  It also took about 15-20 minutes for the food to come out, which in my opinion is too long for veggie tacos!

Naya’s Thoughts:

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