Naya- Wekiva Aussiedoodles local adventures!- Fuzzys Taco Shop

img_1581Since so many places are now becoming dog friendly, my aussiedoodle Naya and I are going around the area to find spots that are great to hang out and that also welcome dogs.  Today we head to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop (795 Gateway Dr., Altamonte Springs, FL 32714).  Only a short drive from the Wekiva area. 

Finding places that is welcoming to dogs is great, as it allows you to spend more time with your precious furry family member, but also, the exposure to being outside, especially as a puppy, helps tremendously with having a socialized and happy dog. Always remember to pick up any messes your dog may leave!  Taking bags with you is always a great idea!

Human Perspective: Fuzzy’s is a GREAT taco restaurant that is also vegetarian friendly.  They have a wonderful Veggie Taco, along with fajita meats, tempura shrimp (my sons favorite), grilled shrimp, and shredded chicken.  They also serve breakfast all day.  They have a full service bar, and a wonderful outdoor area.  While you must have a well behaved, leashed dog, the outdoor patio is almost completely fenced.  We asked the bartender if he had any dog bowls, and they did.  He was a real dog lover, and came out to pet Naya and take her photo.  Naya of course loved this.

Naya’s Perspective



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