Top 5 Dog Magazines

Dog ownership is a one of a kind experience. Dog lovers are also a one of a kind. We love our dogs and everything that the dog life encompasses. And that is why it’s great to be able to relate to and learn from the content in dog magazines.

There are tons of tips, tricks and behavioral insights. Not to mention funny stories, ideas for adventures, ways to bond with your dog and more.

Here are our top 5 favorite dog magazine’s that you should try reading today!

  1. Dogster Magazine – This is one of the older magazines in circulation and was previously published as Dog Fancy. However, they have now revamped and modernized their magazine to keep up with today’s trends. You’ll get two publications a month that have advice, news, activities, travel ideas and more.
  2. Family Dog – The American Kennel Club’s official publication and is released 6 times a year. They feature training how-to’s, behavioral tips and techniques, plus articles on nutrition, wellness and holistic canine healthcare. The AKC has long been known as a resource for accurate and up-to-date information on dog training and dog health. That is why most pet parents still trust this brand as their main publication.
  3. Modern Dog Magazine – This lifestyle magazine is great for informative articles on behavior and wellness. They have insights to how your dog thinks, top training advices and other tips to keeping your dog healthy.
  4. Best Friends – Produced by a non-profit organization that runs the largest no-kill animals shelter in the U.S. It is full of inspirational stories, plus tips, tricks and other way to keep up with your dog’s health. One of the best parts of subscribing to this newsletter is that the cost of the subscription is in the form of a donation.
  5. The Bark – This magazine has a fresh take on modern dog culture and a strong online presence. You can subscribe for online versions or traditional publications that come straight to your mailbox. They have insights into dog and people interactions, canine studies and other innovative articles.

From new pet technology, medical and behavioral breakthroughs to new everyday products, dog magazines are the best way to keep up with the canine community. Whether you subscribe to them online or get them delivered at home, the articles are always informative and worthwhile. And your dog will end up thanking you for the extra love and attention they get after you’re full of new ideas and fun ways for you to spend time together. After all, we all love our dogs, but sometimes we need a little help with ideas and things to do to keep our live exciting and new.

What is your favorite dog magazine? We’d love to know what your favorite publication is and why in the comments below!

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