Traveling safely with your pets in the car

There are many laws in place to keep people safe in cars, and while there may not be any requirements for our pets there are a few things to consider and keep in mind when you are driving your pet around.  It is highly recommended to keep your pet in a crate or keep your dog in a safety harness that is attached to something that does not allow the dog to move too much in the car.  I have read many stories that after an accident, a loose pet bolts out of the car scared, confused and often injured.  Also, when first responders get to an accident they are required to access the severity of the injuries of the people in the car.  If there is a loose dog that is scared, or injured, and being protective over its owner it may not allow the first responders to access anyone in the car.  This can sometimes lead to dogs having to be restrained or even worse shot.  This also helps prevent dogs from bolting when the door is opened.   When tethering a dog it is important to use a soft padded harness so that it causes the least amount of injury during an accident.  Tethering to a collar is not recommended as it can cause too much strain on the neck if an accident were to occur.  It is also not recommended to keep pets in the front seat.  The force of an airbag is likely to cause serious injuries to a smaller pet or even death.  Whenever we Taxi pets around to their appointments or to go to Day Care, we always either put them in a crate in the back, or tether them with a seat belt tether that attaches to their harness.

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