Ways To Celebrate Hanukkah With Your Pets

Celebrating Hanukkah with your Pets

As the holidays begin to envelope all of your time, don’t forget about the family dog.  After all, he provides you with his love and loyalty all year long.  Don’t let him get left behind during the hustle and bustle of Hanukkah. It’s really quite easy to let him in on the celebrations!  Hanukkah means “rededication” so why not also think about rededicating some quality time spend with your canine companion.  He’ll surely love you for it.

  1. Themed toys are always an option! Although, your dog will probably accept any gift you send his way, check out these options: plush singing dog dreidel, star of david rope dog toy, and menorah squeaker are all themed Hanukkah toys that will provide your dog with oodles of interactive fun that will not only help celebrate the holiday but will also deepen the bond you share.
  2. Themed fashion is always in! This Star of David collar found on amazon is cute and fitting for the holiday. If you’re really feeling festive, why not match him and purchase a sweater such as this one.
  3. Read to your dog each night of Hanukkah. Ok, your kids can join in too. There are many books out there but why not try reading one with a dog as the main character? Latke the Lucky Dog is about a dog that is rescued from the shelter just in time for Hanukkah. Another adorable one is Clifford Celebrates Hanukkah.  In this book Clifford and Emily Elizabeth learn all about Hanukkah and celebrate, too! Your dog loves the soothing sound of your voice so any book you choose will be a hit in his books.
  4. Baking is always part of every celebration and boy, they always hit the spot, too. Include your dog as part of the baking festivities by baking him some dog friendly Hanukkah treats. Dreidels, menorahs and stars of David will not only look great but they’ll taste great to your dog, too. Be sure to snap a few pics as they’re sure to be instagram worthy!
  5. Get moving! After eating all of those dog treats, your dog may need to burn some calories and I’m sure you’ll need to as well. Why not rededicate yourselves to a daily dose of exercise that will not only strengthen your bond but will keep you both in tip top shape.

Celebrating the holidays shouldn’t just be about the human members of your family.  Include your dog whenever you can so he knows the stress of the holidays isn’t something he should dread.  As company comes and goes and the hoopla of the celebrations surround your home, understand that your dog will need an extra dose of love and probably a little patience, too.



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