What is the client portal?

Our Client Portal through Precise Pet Care is a software that iCare4Pets uses to maintain scheduling, invoicing and communication between us and you.  As your pet care provider it is very important that we keep updated information on you, your pet and your home.

Since we are always on the go, from house to house with several different homes and pets, it was very important to find a software that allowed us to access each clients information while on the go.  The client portal keeps all the information regarding the care of your pets.  We require updated (local) emergency contact, access instructions (garage codes, gate codes and alarm codes), and instructions regarding your pets care.  This includes feeding instructions, location of supplies, medicine instruction if applicable, veterinary information in case of an emergency and description of each pet.  This way whenever we are at the house and need to look something up we are able to access it through our mobile app.

The client portal also allows you to request new visits, pay invoices (using paypal), and send messages to one another.

Thanks to modern technology, this client portal has made every aspect of pet sitting more organized and enjoyable.

In order for this system to work properly it is important to make sure that all information in your profile is correct and that each invoice has the correct days and times for visits.  Every entry on an invoice is the same as what goes on the schedule.

For those that experience difficulty understanding how to use the website we can provide additional help.

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